Tracking and its many guises

Object tracking is tackled under many disguises: multi-object tracking, single-object tracking, video object segmentation, person re-identification, and more. This workshop aims to bring these communities back on the same track.

Time August 23, 2020
Venue Glasgow, ECCV 2020


The workshop will take place on August 23, 2020, and will contain two sessions.

Session 1

Time Speaker Topic
12:00-12:20 UTC+1 (7AM-7:20AM EST) Organizers Introduction and challenge results
12:20-12:50 UTC+1 (7:20AM-7:50AM EST) Cordelia Schmid (live) Tracking: The missing piece in video analysis
12:50-13:00 UTC+1 (7:50AM-8:00AM EST) Challenge winner (live) Oral presentation
13:00-13:30 UTC+1 (8:00AM-8:30AM EST) Laura Leal-Taixe (recorded) The Multi-Object Tracking Landscape
13:30-13:40 UTC+1 (8:30AM-8:40AM EST) - Interactive session: Discussion
13:40-14:10 UTC+1 (8:40AM-9:10AM EST) Jiri Matas (live) The Single-Object Tracking Landscape
14:10-14:40 UTC+1 (9:10AM-9:40AM EST) Bastian Liebe Tracking as a cue for object discovery

Session 2

Time Speaker Topic
20:00-20:10 UTC+1 (3:00PM-3:10PM EST) Organizers Intro for second session
20:10-20:40 UTC+1 (3:10PM-3:40PM EST) Angjoo Kanazawa 3D human recognition in videos
20:40-21:20 UTC+1 (3:40PM-4:20PM EST) Invited speakers Round-Table Discussions
21:20-21:50 UTC+1 (4:20PM-4:50PM EST) Deva Ramanan The role of tracking in autonomous driving
21:50-22:00 UTC+1 (4:50PM-5:00PM EST) Challenge runner-up Submission description
22:00-22:10 UTC+1 (5:00PM-5:10PM EST) Challenge participants Spotlight presentations
22:10-22:40 UTC+1 (5:10PM-5:40PM EST) Ross Girshick Lessons from the detection community


The results of the TAO competition will be announced at this workshop! Please see the challenge page for more details, and the Github page to download the data and code. The challenge will close on August 16, 2020.


The prizes for the challenge are as follows:
  • First place: $1,500 cash prize; presentation at workshop.
  • Second place: $500 cash prize; presentation at workshop.
  • Honorable mention(s): $250 cash prize; presentation at workshop.
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